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Is Mongolia ready for Metaverse or digital lifestyle?

Metaverse is a vision that many in the computer industry see as the next iteration of the Internet. Metaverse is the only globally shared 3D virtual space, or cyberspace, as we know it today, where humans can experience other lives that do not exist in the physical world. In short, the metaverse allows users to create a space for themselves by creating an electronic version or avatar of themselves online with other users living around the world. In doing so, users can participate in digital life, learn, explore, and develop businesses using a virtual augmented reality space utilizing headsets and glasses. On the other hand, metaverse is the new environment or space of the internet called Web 3.0. Built on artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging 3D imaging technologies, the metaverse creates a sense of physical space in the digital world, the internet. With the advent of the metaverse, geographical boundaries have become irrelevant among users around the world.

Today, the online world and applications are evolving at a rapid pace. Because of this, many professions have no choice but to keep pace with technological developments. Some of them include careers in tourism and real estate. Metaverse allows e-travelers to see and explore new countries, places, life, historical sites, museums and their attractions without leaving home.

It will enable them to travel safely, save time and cost less when they can't travel physically, without getting lost or having to worry about physical safety because it's a virtual place.

The metaverse real estate market has been developing for many years. Major global businesses and smaller retailers are already buying land and building virtual properties. The fact that these early adopters of virtual properties are eager to establish a foothold in metaverse in a hurry to beat their competitors speaks volumes about the potential in this market. Metaverse is opening up many innovative new ways for people to interact virtually, and real estate sales will play an important role in this. Using digital or virtual reality, potential buyers can tour and immerse themselves in 3D renderings of the personal or residential properties they want to buy from the comfort of their own homes.

Since web 3.0 is the latest version of the internet and aims to create a decentralized and interoperable digital environment using blockchain technology, it is a business imperative to support multi-channel access to real estate sales on the expanded internet.

In the global real estate industry today

• Metaverse Market

• Metaverse appraisals and prices

• Metaverse company

• Metaverse agents, brokers, and more

• Metaverse work has been created; it is inevitable that it will move to normal use.

In short, the "Metaverse Ship" of digital development has already set sail and is on its way to open many new possibilities. Will our Mongolia be left behind, or will we board that ship and travel together on an exciting and inevitable journey to discover new business opportunities? Of course, Mongolia wants to travel together with the technological changes. This is our choice, and this choice will be proudly accepted by the youth who will determine the colors of the future 10, 30, 50 and 100 years.

Using metaverse technology to develop Mongolia's real estate market in the digital world, the Korean Wannabe group signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the National Real Estate Development Society to create opportunities to solve some of the many problems that are waiting to be solved. Within the scope of cooperation, we aim to transform the current city of Ulaanbaatar into a future "Metaverse Ulaanbaatar City" with a population of 10 million, and create conditions for people from all over the world who are interested in Mongolia to live, travel, buy and sell real estate, and invest in Ulaanbaatar. Furthermore, we are discussing the beginning of the era of unlimited work in the national and international market without language barriers. They envisioned "Future Mongolia" and "Future Ulaanbaatar" and gathered their heart and courage to create it together.

In terms of tourism and real estate, there are many problems and cases that are waiting to be solved in our country. Some of the many problems can be named such as policy development of sectors, creation of legal environment, training of experts, establishing professional training programs, multidisciplinary research, implementation of national level programs and projects. Metaverse technology can solve some of these problems correctly and quickly, and it not only promotes Mongolia to the world, but also creates new jobs for our young people, allows them to go out into the world to compete with their minds, thereby increasing the active participation of young people in life, furthermore, it will be a technology investment to increase incoming foreign currency and develop business tourism.

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