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A brief sales presentation of the LAGO VERDE RESIDENCE condominium building project

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We present to you the sale of the LAGO VERDE RESIDENCE condominium project, located 980 meters north of the central point of Ulaanbaatar, in the residential area. LAGO VERDE RESIDENCE is a residential condominium development project consisting of 3 residential buildings. The construction of this project will be located in the area of ​​redevelopment in Sukhbaatar District 9, New 7th District of Ulaanbaatar, in the west side of the 4th General Education School and east of the Computer Mall.

The name of the project, Lago Verde, means "Green Lake" in Italian, and is directly related to the project's location.

The construction execution of the project is carried out by "Delger Naran Urgu" LLC, and it is working at full capacity to put it into operation on time. Phases 1 and 2 of the project were put into operation in 2021 and 2022 and handed over to residents on time. The construction of the 16-story condominium building of 84 family unites in the first phase of the project began in April 2020 and was put into operation in the first quarter of 2021, while the construction of the 16-story condominium building of the 2nd phase of the project began in April 2021 and was completed in the first quarter of 2022 to put into use.

The construction of the 16-story condominium building of the 3rd phase offered to potential buyers began in April 2022, and it is planned to be commissioned in the fourth quarter of this year, in December. The construction design of the project, which was designed by a Japanese engineer, was planned and selected to meet the quality standards of Japanese building materials. As for the main structure of the building, it has 90% full-cast construction, or full-cast walls between units, so it can provide excellent sound insulation.

LAGO VERDE RESIDENCE condominium project is organized to have a service area on the 1st floor, and 11 units of households are planned to live on the each floor, the size of the total optional area is between 48 m² - 78 m², and 2 and 3 rooms are divided into units. It differs from other projects by separating the kitchen area from the living rooms in each unit, and has the advantage of having a separate plan for the toilet room and bathroom. As for the balcony, it incorporates features that distinguish it from other residential construction projects, and its width is 150 cm, which offers residents a larger area and is planned as an advantage of free use conditions. In order to increase the visibility from the balcony and improve the view, it was decided to abandon the closed masonry and have a closed glass wall with metal protection to ensure safety.

The doors of each unit are designed to be equipped with high-quality brand doors from Nihon Funen, a Japanese company, with T-2 sound insulation performance, D-2 seismic standards, and fire resistance. Safety has been ensured by separating green spaces and children's playgrounds in the campus from cars and by deciding to have a direct exit from the 2nd floor.

The LAGO VERDE RESIDENCE condominium project provides a wonderful opportunity for children to run freely, play with laughter, happiness and joy, and have fun. As of August 2023, the construction work of the project, which has been completely poured and the masonry has reached 16 floors, is 70% complete.

"Can be found nowhere

The most beautiful

Filled with love,

Wonderful travel town” the equipment of the game environment was manufactured according to the design certified by the TUV SUD of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Quality Committee of the People's Republic of China, by the special order of the LAGO VERDE RESIDENCE project, in accordance with the extreme climate of Mongolia and the organization of the town, creating a comfortable and happy environment. We are creating to add color to the memories of our little children.

In a location where the value will increase significantly

Do not waste your golden hours in traffic jams

LAGO VERDE RESIDENCE provides an opportunity to live comfortably.

The investment of the project was made by "CoCoZas Mongolia" LLC

The project is being carried out by "Delger Naran Urgu" LLC

The sale of the project is being carried out by National Real Estate "RENTS’O ESTATE" LLC

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